From Beans to Chocolate

I knew something was up when my husband came home from work one evening, disappeared into our kitchen without a word, and reappeared in our living room holding two glass of bubbly.  Now you'd think I'd get the hint that he had something important to share with me, but as I am wont to do, I tried (and failed) double-tasking as long as I could, assuring my husband that I was hanging onto his every word by grunting a few "mm-hms" and "uh-huhs" every thirty seconds while clicking away on my keyboard, eyes locked on my computer.  When I realized the looming shadow suddenly cast over my screen was from my husband standing over me and not the sun setting, I had no choice but to put my computer aside and give him my undivided attention.

"I got an offer."
"What?! No way! Stop lying."
"No I'm serious."

And with those four simple words our whirlwind summer began.  

So after packing our home in Boston and spending all of July on the road, I landed in DC a few weeks ago to join my husband and set up our new home base in Maryland.  Sensing my need for a good laugh and comfort from missing Boston, my husband took me out on a date last weekend to explore our new neighborhood.  We enjoyed a break from the heat and humidity, and seeing all of the people milling about in restaurants, stores and coming out of Borders with bags full of discounted books and DVDs made me feel a bit more at home.  But, alas, it was too good to be true.  Just a few minutes after we pulled up to the bar at our local pub, I began whining again about how much I missed Boston.  

"And what about my writing?!" I lamented.  "I got so much inspiration from being in Boston, now what am I supposed to do!?"

The bartender interrupted to get our drink orders and ask me for I.D. (at this age, I take getting carded as a compliment).  When my husband asked to close out our tab she looked at us and said:

" this together?"

I busted out laughing as my husband and I replied in unison, almost as if it were a chorus to a song, "YES, WE'RE TOGETHER!"

"Well," my husband said as he placed his hand over mine, "I don't think you have anything to worry about." 


  1. that's great! have fun settling in in your new home--glad that you will still have "yes, we're together" fuel to keep you going.

  2. Moving can be really difficult. I think your and your husband will make the best of it. (:

  3. @wendyjane
    Thanks! Yes, I agree. We went on a hunt for a new Indian restaurant last night, walked into a place where we were the only non-Indians (ALWAYS a good sign) and then noticed the family seated next us was an Indian man, Black woman, and their son. So my hubs gave me the "you'll be fine" look again :) But I'll hope to get back to Boston soon.

  4. @Gerpha
    Thanks. Yes, I actually grew up in this area, but haven't lived here as an adult, so it's a very different dynamic and so much has changed (which basically means I get lost A LOT). And having a car after 4 years living car-free means the slow-lane is my friend :)

  5. You're in MD? Whoot!!! Awesome. DH and I live here too in Silver Spring. We used to live in New England as well for 2 1/2 years in Vermont (ugh) and Maine (still crying about having to move from there). I miss Maine terribly, though all our family is in the DC area. I'm a SAHM (stay at home mother) while my husband works. It's a great set up for us, but anyways, I'd love to meet you if you aren't too far off. Welcome to the area!!

  6. @Brown
    Thanks so much. Yes, I'm missing Boston lots right now :)