I Speak For Myself, And I'm Talking Taboo

When Enuma Okoro asked about my interest in contributing a short essay on what remains unspeakable at the intersection of my faith and gender, in my mind I said: Shoot! Girl! You ain't got to ask me twice!  But my actual email back to her it was more along the lines of,  Am I interested? Uh...YEAH. Lol. And honored and humbled.

Today,  Talking Taboo: American Christian Women Get Frank about Faith officially goes public with the launch of our Indiegogo crowd-sourcing campaign and website where you can sign up for emails and updates as our October 23, 2013 publishing date draws near.  Talking Taboo is the fourth book in the I Speak for Myself Series published by White Cloud Press. 

My essay, Running Into Glass Doors, is one of of the 40 essays contributed by 40 American, Christian women under 40.  I wrestle with my experiences on the receiving end of the church's deafening silence—and at times outright rejection or animosity—toward a sense of professional ambition and calling beyond the realm of ministry or church service.

In celebration of our launch, many of the Talking Taboo contributors are blogging about why they are talking taboo:

I'm talking taboo because I lost my virginity on a Wednesday night in Shepardstown, West Virginia (RIP Chris Kelly).

I'm talking taboo because all I hear are crickets, my heart is beating fast and I'm sweating profusely.

I'm talking taboo because I keep running into glass doors. 

I'm talking taboo because that's how my village raised me.  

I'm talking taboo because I've learned that "courage isn’t waiting for the absence of fear, but doing things afraid."

I'm talking taboo, because I...have a voice.

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