When my husband and I moved to Boston five years ago, the way everyone spoke about the weather implied that after we drove over the Connecticut border we were basically going to freeze to death.  Yes, even though we moved in August.
During my travels when I mention living in Boston, the person I'm talking to immediately begins shivering, crossing their arms, rubbing their shoulders, cupping their hands over their mouth blowing out warm breath saying, "Oh wow, it's like always really cold up there right?"  And I simply reply: "I live in Boston not Greenland."

In my mind being prepared for weather meant dressing appropriately, but according to Nanny, my Long Islander, Irish grandmother-in-law, I had biological reason for my flippant attitude toward the weather.
"Don't worry, your blood will thicken," she stated authoritatively.
"What?" I replied.
"Your blood will thicken," she insisted.  "No, really-- stop laughing at me Tinu, I'm serious.  The cold weather? You'll get used to it because your blood will thicken."
And after moving to Maryland this past summer, we realized that more than just our blood got used to Boston -- we call it home.  So a few weeks ago we moved back.  And just in time for fall and winter.

I think Nanny was on to something.


  1. Aw dag; we never did get up together. There's nothing like living in the place where your heart calls you!

  2. @b.
    Trust. Boston is home, but I'll be back soon. I've gotten to know the Jetblue terminals at BOS, BWI and DCA oh so well.