"No, My Wife Is Not A White South African."

As lawyers working in a city where educational pedigree and professional achievement serve as ones calling card,  my husband and I meet lots of really smart people with tons of book sense and absolutely no common sense.  No matter how hard we try--no matter how BIG or OBVIOUS the hints--some people just catch on to the fact that our family consists of a white man and a black woman married to each other.

Case in point: my husband keeps not one, but two photos of me on his desk at work--one from our dating days, one from our wedding day. Generally, when people learn my name, they at least suspect that I might not be your typical, WASPy, blue-blooded, New England, girl-next-door.  And we thought our most recent conversations about a trip to AFRICA to visit FAMILY (now I realize there are lots of White, Indian, Chinese, South East Asian, etc. people in Africa, but stay with me here) might prompt some engaging and informed discussions.  But instead, we've heard some of the most asinine commentary yet. So what better way to formally introduce you to my husband?  And who better to introduce him than our friend Delusional Demetrius.  Oh yes.  I had a feeling you missed him:


  1. Wow, rolling and shaking my head.

    Some people, I believe, are just not ready to accept the BW/WM yet.

  2. @Zabeth
    Yeah, the question about whether my parents were European immigrants to Nigeria definitely took the cake, lol.

  3. Tinu, I am waiting for your book. 'Cause you really have me rolling.

    Pretty please tell me not ALL the questions in this vid were asked of your husband. If he handled it as well as the guy in the video, you married one *very* patient man.

  4. @b.
    Aw, thanks.
    Sadly, this wasn't a stretch. My husband in real life probably isn't as well behaved as my cartoon husband, but in a situation like this, I think that's understandable.
    The cartoon me is also much nicer than the real me. I recently sat in a meeting where someone referred to Africa as a country and it just set me off. I still feel a little bad about it...

  5. That is so funny, poor Demetrius!

  6. That was hilarious!

  7. @Jewel
    So just to top things off, while we were in Nigeria at a craft market, one of the vendors refused to believe my parents were Nigerian. He just kept saying "You look like a Kenyan! Your parents are from here?! You look just like a Kenyan!" Guess I just can't win.

  8. Some people are not open to dating a guy or girl from other race. It depends on one's preferences.

  9. @alt
    True. And sometimes people surprise themselves...and others.