Participants (STILL) Needed: Calling all NYC and MA Interracial Couples

In 2011 I had the privilege of connecting with Marya Mtshali, a Sociology PhD student at Boston College.  After noticing a glaring need when it came to research around interracial relationships -- particularly those involving Black women and White men -- Marya decided to fill that void by conducting a sociological study on the experiences of Black female-White male interracial couples.  

I had the pleasure of participating in the first phase of Marya's study so I can personally attest that it was totally painless and I think I even got a free cup of coffee out it.

Marya is continuing her study and is looking for couples interested in participating, particularly those who fit the study participant criteria:
  • Member of heterosexual Black/White couple
  • Together for a minimum of 1 year
  • Ages 18-65
  • Living in Massachusetts or NYC
If interested, e-mail Marya at: and place "Interracial Couple Study" in the subject line.

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