Awkward Interracial High Five of the Night (From Jimmy Kimmel)

My husband and I watched American Idol together and caught this too.


  1. Hee! That's happened to me. I went to give my manager a high-five, and she totally missed it. Awkward, indeed.

  2. @daphne
    See...I think Stever Tyler should have known. He saw that dap coming! I haven't been in this situation, but I've had the awkward "do we shake hands or do the half-hug?" situation. Generally if I'm in a business or networking setting I assume it's an unspoken "NO HUGGING" policy. BUT I have noticed when meeting other black females, we tend to be more open to hugging when meeting for the first time. Generally I don't do too much high-fiving...unless I'm at a Celtic game.
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  3. Don't be hard on Steve! How many black people has he hung out with before this show? Sure, you have to live under a rock NOT to know what dap is, but he don't know! Hopefully, he'll learn.

    OTOH, hello, did he watch the show? Randy's original recipe, so excuses.

    I agree with you on other black women - definitely more open to hugging upon first meeting. My manager, a white lady, and I were celebrating a moment, thus the high-five. Thinking on it further, it was more of a side-five, and I might have confused her!

  4. I shall not be moved. No one can tell me Steve did not see that coming. I think highly successful, professional musicians (particularly those of the caliber of Steve Tyler and Aerosmith) are probably some of the most well-traveled people in the world. He knows what's up. But it could happen to anyone. Everyone has an off day every now and then. He's a fellow adopted Bostonian, so we'll let this one slide, lol.