"Robin Thicke Is White?!"

"I don't know why I like pizza and pasta, but I know I love black women."
-Anonymous singer

As the saying goes, behind every successful man is a woman doing all the work, so this week I wanted to focus on the beauty of men recognizing the women in their lives who have made them successful.

This week I, along with 6,499 other women, attended the 6th Annual Massachusetts Conference for Women, held in Boston. During the luncheon we received a surprise visit by Governor Deval Patrick, who gave a surprise introduction for one of the keynote speakers, his wife, Diane. On her way to the podium they even sealed his remarks with a kiss! I had to put down my Blackberry and call out to the stage like: "Okay! Okay! Get it! Keep that fire burning!"

So in light of this week's theme I found it apropos to include this excerpt from Robin Thicke's interview on The Monique Show earlier this year, reaffirming his love of black women (oh yeah, and his wife Paula Patton).  My husband didn't realize Robin Thicke was white until a couple of months ago. Looks like he's not the only one!


  1. it's not funny how hot this dude is, just looking at him makes me sweat. Def nice to hear he's on our team ya know. :-)

  2. @SomeGirlAbroad
    Yes, I think it's safe to say that atleast 75% of the people in The Monique Show audience that evening agree with you.
    We were just out having dim sum after church yesterday and the restaurant started playing one of his albums (not all the songs obviously as some may not be appropriate for the little ones, like "Cocaine", lol. I could just see a little kid asking her mom "Mommy, why is the man signing about drugs?" lol). The restaurant is owned by an interracial couple, so I thought it was kind of cute.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  3. When I first realized he was Alan Thicke's son I almost killed over LOL. But I with who his mom is and her being a wonderful singer, I can see where he his talent. I'm buying my wedding dress from his sister in law's shop, she's Dolly Thicke. Hey I didn't realize that either till I saw some family pics of him on her FB site.

  4. @ Flaming_star

    Me too! I was like "Alan Thicke?! Like the dad from Growing Pains Alan Thicke?!" Lol.

    When I'm at the gym I'll see Alan Thicke in these blood glucose monitor commercials and I wonder "How many people are going to buy this for the sheer fact you are 50% responsible for bring Robin Thicke into the world? Even if they don't have diabetes."
    Congratulations on your engagement and impending wedding! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  5. Goodness. I just have to say that this man is toooo fine! And his voice! *swoons* Paula Patton is definitely a lucky woman.

  6. @Becca
    I can only hope that he's as nice of a person in real life as we all imagine him to be.

  7. Trust me, he is. I met him once a couple of years ago at a concert in Bryant Park,NY. I had to go take the GRE and was running late, but I desperately wanted a picture with him. He graciously took time out and took the picture. He even told me good luck on the test. Let's just say for the rest of the day, I couldn't care less about the test or any other impending engagements.

  8. @Krayzi
    Aw, that's great to hear. How you managed to pull yourself away for your GRE is beyond me...

  9. I love the way this guy looks--kinda how famous guys USED TO LOOK before they got metrosexual and girly---his voice reminds me of Curtis Mayfield--a little--and his looks is like 50s-60s white male actor--MANLY

  10. @Anon
    So I have no problem with a man who's in touch with his "metrosexuality" just as long as he's not trying to compete with me in the flyness department. His hair shouldn't be more high-maintence than mine, his earrings shouldn't be bigger than mine, and his nails shouldn't be longer than mine. As long as that's straight, we're good!
    And I agree, voices like his don't come around often...